LED Apple – Live in Bucharest, 15th February 2014 – For International Fans

LED Apple, one of the most known names in the Korean indie pop-rock scene, comes for the first time in Romania on the 15th February 2014. The boy group which is considered to be a phenomenon among teenagers from their country, will hold a concert at Turbohalle. The opening stage will belong to a street dance crew, DSK (Dope Style Kings).


The LED Apple concert means a first step to a better cultural Romanian-Korean bound on the music-entertainment side and it represents a colaboration with the Romanian-Korean Han Kibun Cultural Association (ACRC).

Location: TURBOHALLE (next to PĂCII – Militari Subway Station)

Date: 15th February 2014/ 19:00


  • VIP cathegory (unique opportunity of taking part at a signing session with LED Apple + free CD) – 150 RON (Romanian Leu)
  • 1st Category – early bird (exclusive for 25th of September -31st of October) – 70 RON (Romanian Leu)
  • 1st Category (starting November 1st) – 100 RON (Romanian Leu)

–> charged in the national valuation, for international conversion please check the National Bank of Romania’s site

  1. The event is organized by a company specialized in concerts, Kompas Events.
  2. ACRC are the collaborators and with them, the fans can discuss any questions they may have;
  3. The VIP tickets are limited to a number of 50;
  4. The tickets can be bought starting with the 25th of Septembre 2013, at midnight. They are available on Biletoo.ro;
  5. The international fans have to send an e-mail to events@kompasevents.ro like in the photo below (ATTENTION! You have to complete it with your personal data, the email below it’s just an example);Untitled-1
  6. You will receive back an email with the account where you can pay for the ticket;
  7. You have two options to receive the ticket: – paying for it and you will be sent a digital copy of it and you can get it when you come to the concert or upon your arrival in Romania, or you can pay extra for shipping and the ticket will be send to you;
  8. After you have bought the ticket, you have to send an e-mail with the confirmation of your payment;
  9. For more details please follow the facebook page of ACRC or this post;
  10. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

Official Event Page

LED Apple Official Facebook Page

LED Apple Official Romanian Facebook Page

Official YouTube Channel:

[UPDATE] Because the VIP tickets were sold out in an hour after they were released, Kompas Events together with Starkim Ent. decided to supplement them. They can be bought starting with 12 o’clock.

[UPDATE]  A new category for LED APPLE concert tickets has been added! VIP tickets are sold out!

Add Poll1011934_634839176549294_267172626_nr

This is called the Golden Circle and consists of:

  •      same type of place as the VIP ticket;
  •      will receive goods;
  •      no access to fansing.

The difference between VIP and GOLDEN CIRCLE tickets is that the VIP will have access to the fansign.

Price: 100 RON

Official statement:

After new discussions with LED Apple management, the organizers had found a solution to give the fans a chance to get closer to their idols: a Golden Circle zone which will be located in front of the stage. The Golden Circle ticket holders will receive free event flyer, and will watch the show at close range, within a perimeter less crowded.

Access to the fansign session will be determined by drawing lots.

By Drawing lots 10 of Golden Circle holders will have access to LED Apple’s fansign session. To take part in the tombola, each buyer is asked to send an email with the subject “Golden Circle” at events@kompasevents.ro, where they should include their name, surname and ticket series. Those who do not  follow these steps will not participate in the extraction to take place after  Golden Circle tickets are sold out.

Golden Circle tickets will be available starting today, 26th September, at 12 o’clock,  on Biletoo.ro and BLT.ro. Pre-sale price: 100 RON is valid between 26th September and 31st October. After 1st November, the price will be 130 RON.

VIP ticket holders will also have access to Golden Circle  and thus they will be rewarded for their loyalty and dedication.

LED Apple phenomena seizes rapidly up  Romania, and the hearts of the teenagers from our country beats in sync with the hits “Time Is Up”, “Run To You”, “Le The Wind Blow”or “Bad Boys”:  the first contingent of VIP tickets  for the show on 15th February was sold out in 60 minutes, and the supplementary tickets, available in a limited number,  were sold out on the same day they were put on the market. As a result the VIP tickets are sold out!

Source: biletoo.ro

[UPDATE]  Tickets for the LED APPLE concert in Bucharest, Romania are available in 7 more countries!


The interest in LED Apple concert in Bucharest, which is held on the 15th February 2014 goes beyond Romania’s borderlines! The countless emails send from the foreigners fans, made the organizers to make tickets available for foreigners through the Eventim platform, As a result 7 Europeans [Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia] country can buy tickets for the concert from their own country. Click on the flags of the countries below to access the site where you can buy them.

hungary             austria            Bulgaria

croatia             serbia            slovenia


Source: ACRC

[UPDATE] Starkim Entertainment announces the concert on their LEDApple Facebook Page!


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