LedApple Concert Track list

We have new info about the concert!

Track list

니가 뭔데(how dare you)
Opening ment (bridge)
둘도 없는 바보(2014.1.22 new single)
난 널 첫 사랑해 바램(wish)
바람아 불어라(let the wind blow)
High Yeah
Run to you – Intro
Run to you
Bad boys
어쩌다 마주친(Someone met by chance)
Time is up
I’ll be there for you



* VIP category:
(unique opportunity of taking part at a signing session with LED Apple) – 150 RON (Romanian Leu) = 34 EURO [SOLD-OUT]

* Early bird:
– Category Golden Circle – 100 RON = 23 EURO [SOLD-OUT]
(position in front of the stage, free concert poster)

*Category 1
– General Access – 50 RON = 12 EURO

* “Led Caffe”
– Pret: 20 RON = 5 EURO
(but does not allow access to the area where the concert will take place. Access only to a cafe-lounge type area, where they can remain until the end of the concert)

(charged in the national valuation, for international conversion please check the National Bank of Romania’s site)

Source Info: events@kompasevents.ro

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