LUNAFLY – Live in Bucharest on the 25th of July 2014


For the first time in Romania, the K-Pop fans are expecting an awesome event which is devoted to the Hallyu cultural phenomenon. The show which displays multiple features takes place on July 24th and 25th, in Bucharest. It includes a lot of artistic and entertaining events: a dance contest in which the best European groups of the moment will compete, a Hanbok fashion show and a raffle for a Hanbok costume, an after party, a LUNAFLY concert, and a prize contest with a trip to Seoul as prize and many other surprises.

               LUNAFLY, another en-vogue K-Pop band will be performing for the first time their songs in an explosive concert in Bucharest! The concert, which promises to be the hottest show of the summer, will take place on July 25th at Herastrau Summer Theatre in Bucharest.

LUNAFLY send to the Romanian fans the next message:

Currently, LUNAFLY is promoting the album “Fly To Love”, launched in March 2013.

Tickets will be put on sale starting 0:00 a.m. on Tuesday night, May 13th, to Wednesday, May 14th.

Tickets for LUNAFLY concert on July 25 will be available at the following categories:

  •  VIP – 200RON [Autograph session (fan sign), access to Battle Dance Party* and watching the concert from VIP zone]
  • Fan Sign – 150RON [Autograph session (fan sign) and watching the concert from VIP zone]
  • Sound Check – 100RON [Access to the sound check and watching the concert from “soundcheck” zone (sits)]
  • Normal Class Ticket – 75RON  [General access in Normal Circle (sits)]

( The location schema will be posted on each site, from where the ticket can be purchased.)

Tickets are available at Eminescu Bookshop, at the National Children Palace, the Romanian Postal Company, in the Inmedio shops labelled, in the Germanos, Orange, Vodafone and Diverta retail, also online on:

Untitled-1 logo  logo_myticket_pozitiv  responsive_logo

* Battle Dance Party

Battle Dance Party is a competition reserved only for street dance bands in Europe. Registrations are received at: address and all the contest rules will be posted in a few days.

The contest will be held in Bucharest on July 24th and it will be judged by LUNAFLY members. The winning band will be  opening the LUNAFLY concert and they will dine with the three Korean artists. Only VIP ticket holders will have access to both competition and the dance party that will follow the designation of the winner.

The event will be starting at 8.30 p.m. and the gates will be opened at 7.00 p.m.

**A trip to Seoul for a ticket holder!

One ticket holder for the LUNAFLY concert on July 25th, will be drawn by lot and have the unique opportunity to visit Seoul, the ground zero for K-Pop scene! The draw will include all tickets regardless of their price category and the winner will be announced on the day of the concert.

Facebook Event



Concert Hall Placement


Buy Your Ticket

Eventim Europe
Eventim Hungary

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Rules Dance Battle 


At this competition can take part bands without country or nationality restriction, consisting of at least three components, but with minimum age 14 years old legal.

Every band should have a short description, also about the members of the band, also if there is the possibility of a group photo, it will be better.

Registration at , the title of the message: “Dance Battle LUNAFLY + band name”, including a name and phone number to contact each band.


  •   Each participating band will send a video collage made dancing.
  • Collage must be a minimum of three minutes – maximum 5 minutes.
  • No band is not allowed to wear shirts with the logo of other bands or other objects that contain logos or names of bands or companies .
  • Like songs, dance bands have the right to choose a non-kpop songs , but is required to be at least 4 kpop songs chosen in music program.
  • Bands that have members who are in the organizing team of concert and event, are not accepted.
  • Participating bands are not allowed to bring in the dance scene objects such as chairs, panels, banners etc.
  • DRESS CODE: may be the same for each member or have something in common (t-shirts, bandanas, one color , etc) to be chosen to represent their band accessory.
  • In collage, each band must have one minute with their own choreography. In his own choreography, each member of the band has to have a spot-light, to prove his dancing skills. Also the bands are not allowed to copy dances or dance pieces other existing bands.
  • Outfits should be appropriate and not indecent. Also,if there are accessories, they must be secured very well, because they can break or fall during the dance, with the risk of physical injury.
  • It is not allowed to use fireworks or dangerous/sharp objects.

IMPORTANT! The  video must not have over 2GB (compressed if needed), archived and .avi format, the title of the video must be the name of the band. It will be send on-line through the file transfer method at the e-mail addressee 


On stage will dance all bands and a jury composed of components LUNAFLY band, will choose the finalists.

The finalists will participate next day, in the opening act of concert LUNAFLY, and then we will choose the winner band.


June 30 , 2014


If major changes occur in the composition of the band members, this will be announced until 23th July 2014. The winning band will get their money back for land transport and concert tickets (if they buy tickets), but not receive the money for air and sea transport.

Do not allow exceptions to these rules, and if not, the organizers can lead to refusal, to enter or exclusion from the competition, of the band.

For any questions about this competition, please write to us by e-mail


Thank you for your understanding and good luck.



For new updates  go to LUNAFLY Concert – Information & News

Source: Kompas Events

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