LUNAFLY Concert – Information & News

Due to various impediments which appeared, a lot of aspects about the concert changed. Thus we thought of making a list with what you should know about the concert.


1. Date: 25th July

2. Venue: Casa de Cultură a Studenților


3. Available Tickets:
► Category VIP – 200 lei; Ticket includes: Autograph session (fan sign), access to Battle Dance Party*  – SOLD OUT
►Category Fan Sign – 150 Lei; Ticket includes: Autograph session (fan sign) and seating  – SOLD OUT
►Category Sound Check – 100 Lei; The ticket includes access at the soundcheck and seating
►Normal Ticket – 75 Lei ; The ticket provides access normal, seating
►Category Access General – 40 Lei; standing

You can find the tickets at:

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head site nou

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The tickets which were already bought are valid, and the categories also are the same.

4. Party Dance Battle ↔ the deadline for registration is 20th July → the battle takes place on the 24th July, with a day before the concert


5. KPop Party on 5th of July↔Kompas Events awaits you to a party dedicated to the KPop fans! (P.S. See you there!)


6. Other Information

  • Contest ↔ A trip to Seoul for a ticket holder!
    One ticket holder for the LUNAFLY concert on July 25th, will be drawn by lot and have the unique opportunity to visit Seoul, the ground zero for K-Pop scene! The draw will include all tickets regardless of their price category and the winner will be announced on the day of the concert.
  • ContestThe Official T-Shirt LUNAFLY in Romania  → The deadline in on 29th June.
  • SMTOWN representatives in Romania
    It is know that the KPop shows emerge through the frenzy of the public which accompanies the artists.Moreover, it is expected from the fans of the band, known as Lukies, to prepare different choreography elements and amazing props, so that they can impress the SM TOWN representatives –   outstanding representatives of the music industry from South Korea – which will attend the shows on 24th and 25th July.

What to expect from this event? 

☻For the first time in Romania, the K-Pop fans are expecting an awesome event which is devoted to the Hallyu cultural phenomenon. The show which displays multiple features takes place on July 24th and 25th, in Bucharest. It includes a lot of artistic and entertaining events: a dance contest in which the best European groups of the moment will compete, a Hanbok fashion show and a raffle for a Hanbok costume, an after party, a LUNAFLY concert, and a prize contest with a trip to Seoul as prize and many other surprises.

For more details access the previous posts:
✎ Casa de Cultură a Studenților – The New Concert Venue
✎ Lunafly Official T-Shirt Contest & KPop Party
New venue & New dance battle regulation
LUNAFLY – Live in Bucharest on the 25th of July 2014

Facebook Events:
 LUNAFLY in Romania
❥ Battle Dance Party

Source: Kompas Events

KCu.Ro teams is waiting for you to havee fun together!



New message from the boys to the Romanian fans



Following your requests about the details of the arrival of the boys from LUNAFLY in Romania, today, Kompas Events has got a confirmation about the information relating to these details. Thus, for those who want to be present at the International Airport Henri Coanda Bucharest, on the 24th July 2014, flight W6 3132, from Milano, lands at 11:15, with all the management staff of LUNAFLY.

We are waiting for you to welcome the boys just the way we know to do it!

Kompas Events thanks you one more time for the your support!



Hanbok fashion show on July 25 prior to Lunafly concert 

The fabulous series of events planned for the K-Pop fans on July 24 and 25 in Bucharest gets larger with every passing day. Thus, along tomorrow night’s party and the Battle Dance on July 24, Lunafly fans and the lovers of Korean culture have something in store for them. It is about a Hanbok fashion show (the Hanbok is the traditional Korean dress).

The event organized by Kompas Events and staged by Sarang Hanguk organization, will highlight the beauty, refinement and femininity provided by Hanboks to the people wearing them. Currently, the fashion show is under preparations, as the traditional dresses presented by models on the catwalk are already being worked upon, under the careful guidance of the Sarang Hanguk organization. The materials of Asian weaving had already been ordered as a designer creates the models observing the requirements of traditional attire and then each item will be harmonized in detail with the personality and appearance of the person to wear it, so that the spectators should have a perfect visual journey into the mysterious and amazing Korean dress culture. T

he peak of the presentation will be when two patrimony costumes will be presented on stage that were part of the royal attire of South Korea. They will arrive on the stage thanks to the good-will of the Embassy of South Korea in Bucharest and their inclusion in the show is the unique opportunity to admire them, offered to those passionate by this country’s culture and civilization. In the end, one of the spectators will win one of the beautiful costumes presented on stage, by draw.

The fashion show will take place on July 25 at the Students’ Culture House, same as Lunafly concert.



LUNAFLY in Romania | promo TV



LUNAFLY în România | KISS FM radio



KPop Battle Dance @TV

Video with the recording of today’s show, 14th of July 201 4, “Siesta Show” at  TVH, where two groups that will participate to the DANCE BATTLE were invited, along with representatives of  KOMPAS EVENTS ROMANIA and Sarang Hangug – 사랑 한국.

Dancing cuts : 00:01:10 | 00:31:00 | 01:00:37


KPop Battle Dance in The TUBE

The Dance Battle is a long-awaited point on the on-going list of events scheduled on the 24th and 25th July in Bucharest. For the enrollment at the contest on the 24th of July, which will be judged by the LUNAFLY members themselves, there is only one week left; the deadline for signups is the 20th of July.

The contest will take place on the 24th of July at „The Tube” club, in the fore of the LUNAFLY members. The winners will go on stage, opening the LUNAFLY show on the 25th of July, at la Casa de Cultură a Studenților.


  • All the dance groups will go up on stage and the jury, made out of the LUNAFLY members will announce the winner, right at the end of the competition. The contest will take place on the 24th of July 2014 at „The Tube” club Bucharest, 18.00PM.
  • The winning group will dance the next day in the opening of the LUNAFLY concert, on the 25th of July 2014 and will dine along with the three Korean artists.
  • The Stage The dimensions are approximatively 5 m length și 4 m height.


  • The groups enrolled in the contest can come to the club from 12:00AM to rehearse and get used to the stage (5mx4m)
  • If the group will suffer major changes in its composition, the announcement about it must be made until the 22nd of July 2014.




LUNAFLY în Romania | Concert and access schedule

24th July 2014

BATTLE DANCE PARTY – THE TUBE Club Bucharest, ora 18.00
The access is allowed only for VIP ticket holders.

25th July 2014

 LUNAFLY concert access :
17:30  VIP
17:45  FAN SIGN
For the ticket categories VIP and FAN SIGN, each of them will receive at the entrance the number of their place, so each one will have his own well defined place into the venue.

19:30  Fashion exhibition
20:00  Vera + Lelou ~ dance act
20:15 Dance group in the opening, winner of the BATTLE DANCE
20:30 – 22:30 LUNAFLY concert
22:45  Fan Sign LUNAFLY ( VIP and Fan Sign tickets)

For the LUNAFLY concert which will be held on the 25th of July at Casa De Cultură a Studenților tickets are still available, in a limited number for the following categories:
Sound Check – 100 RON; The ticket includes access to the soundcheck and viewing of the concert from the Soundcheck area, seated.
Normal Ticket – 75 RON; The ticket offers normal entry access, seated.

Acces General – 40 RON; The ticket offers general acces, standing.

The VIP (200 RON) and Fan Sign (150 RON) categories are already sold-out.



LUNAFLY concert |  Tickets Info 

Starting with 20th July 2014, Saturday night, 23:55PM the online distribution of the tickets will be stopped, also in the special locations having them.

Insomuch as there will be tickets available for this concert, they can only be bought on the event’s day, 25th of July 2014 from Casa de Cultură a Studenților.

Keeping in mind that the number of tickets available for sale is very strained, we recommend to all that still want to purchase a ticket to buy it by the end of this week, because Monday, the 21st of July 2014, when we will receive the statistics of the tickets sale, the evenr may be sold-out.



Info Fansign

For fansign session, you must have with you a photocard or whatever you want, medium size, so you can get the much desired autograph.
Autograph session will be held after the concert and only those with tickets VIP and FAN SIGN category are allowed
Any question you have :


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