LUNAFLY in Bucharest, Romania @CSS – 24/25/07/2014 (EN)

Hello yeorobun! How’s your summer vacation? We hope that it’s super hot, because we also have some hot-fire news for you, which is… the Lunafly experience! The boys have succeeded to awe us as much as the guys from LedApple.

Let’s start with the first day, the day of the Battle Dance! The KCuRo team was in front of the club at 17:30PM to film a little bit of something and take some pictures of the fans. After we entered the club, the boys also arrived and immediately after that the Battle Dance also started, we won’t say much about it, but we’ll let you judge after the video that we specially made for you!


The boys were very friendly and shook hands with fans, they also chatted a bit, not too much to be honest, but hey, at least they we’re nice and didn’t ignored us. From what we saw they enjoyed the Battle Dance and also had a lot of fun, aswell as the fans that were there that day.

After the super extraordinary party, having Lunafly as special guests, of course let’s move onto the very important part of their visit, which is THE CONCERT! The KCuRo team has made it to the Casa de Cultură a Studenților a few hours before the concert to take some interviews to the fans that had their soundcheck tickets. All that we can say is that the prople were already really excited since then. Because there wasn’t any backdoor entrance, at one moment the organizers asked the fans to go inside another hall, for a surprise appearantly, but they actually made path for Lunafly to come inside. After this incident, the fans entered the soundcheck hall and after the quick check-ups, they waited nervously for the big event. A couple of hours afterwards, the rest of the fans started to gather along, the hall almost being full crowded. Along the seats, there we’re also standing places, at the balcony.

        And here she comes, the event’s MC, Dana Bărăgan, which presented to us that in the pre-event’s program there would be included 2 short movies about South Korea, a fashion show with different variations of the traditional korean costume, the hanbok and 2 dance performances. No sooner said than done: the short movies really drew the fans’ attention, but more eye catching were the fashion show and the dance performances. First the girls wearing the hanbok entered, elegance being the keyword here, and of course that the royal traditional costumes couldn’t possibly be forgotten. After the fashion show… Let’s get the party started: Vera and Lelou managed to heat things up a bit, the fans being really excited about it, and after they finished their representation, the girls from DSK entered the stage. They also succeeded in drawing the fans’ attention, but let’s not forget the main reason why all the fans came.

         After quite a long period, the awaited event arrived: the meeting with Lunafly! The guys spoke a lot with the fans, the interacted with us and we believe that they felt as good as we did. Maybe one of the concert’s most explosive moment was when Yun received a rose from a fan, and after that the fan was invited on stage to be serenaded by Lunafly themselves >o< The fans, or more well said the fangirls were really frantic. After a short break, the guys enchanted us with their own songs and managed to surprise us at the end of the concert with 2 romanian songs, more precisely Smiley – Nemuritori and O-Zone – Dragostea din tei. We, the fans didn’t back down and succeeded in surprising them with a cake and a photo book with Lunafly’s fans.

         After the concert, the fansing came up, where the fans prepared posters or photos for receiving the long awaited autographs from the boys. It was only natural that they also received many gifts from their fans. Overall, we believe that it was quite a nice event and we think that both the boys from Lunafly and the fans enjoyed an unforgettable night. 🙂


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