NU’EST Live in Bucharest on the 29th of November 2014



MyMusicTaste  is SO excited to announce that NU’EST will be having their 2014 Re:SPONSE EUROPE TOUR! Check out their video to hear the good news for yourself!

November 29, 2014 – Bucharest, Romania
November 30, 2014 – Milan, Italy

But that’s not all! Continue to MAKE & add TASTES through MyMusicTaste and we’ll look to add another city in Europe! We’re going to allow the fans to tell us where else NU’EST should go! STOP WISHING, START MAKING!5686_big



We are ready to attend a concert which will be memorable for all of us, an event which can’t be missed under any circumstances by a true k-pop fan.
The beautiful boys from NU’EST will be with us on the 29th November at TURBOHALLE, Bucharest.
The tour is called “Re:SPONSE EUROPE TOUR”  and it could have been held without them coming to Romania!
The band announced their appearance at a competition show K-POP DANCE, where they will giving out the prize to the winning dance group!

The tickets will be available from 19th September, on only one site,  logo , this thing making it possible for every k-pop fan from every country to buy a ticket. There are a few modalities through you can get your ticket: by yourselves, sms, mail or courier!

For more information you can go to this link: logo

We will be back with more details  about the k-pop event tomorrow, 16th September!

The event is made by KOMPAS EVENTS ROMANIA in collaboration with Asociația Culturală Mall4Art.



Saturday, 29th November 2014, 19:00
Arenele Romane, Bucharest

Romanian K-POP Fest presents the event of the year: NU’EST will hold a concert in Bucharest on 29th November, „Re:SPONSE EUROPE TOUR”!
After the great succes of the LED APPLE and LUNAFLY concerts, the K-Pop fever takes over Romania once again, thanks to an unbelievable confirmation: NU’EST live at Arenele Romane indoor, Bucharest.

Romanian K-POP Fest

Friday November 28 -> K-pop Cover Dance Contest
20:00 – (will be announced)
Saturday 29 November | INDOOR Roman Arenas -> concert NU`EST
18:00 – 18:45 opening act dance bands
19:00 – concert NU`EST


For a complete experience, the concert will be preceded by a dance contest, K-POP Cover Dance Contest, whose grand prize will be handed NU’EST.
Ticket sales will begin on the night of Thursday, September 18 to Friday, September 19, at 0.00.
The ticket sales are the following categories:

  • Fan Sign – 250 lei = 57 EURO (access to a fan sign and K-POP Cover Dance Contest, positioning in front of the stage at the concert)
  • VIP – 150 lei = 34 EURO (K-POP Cover Dance Contest, positioning in front of the stage at the concert).
  • Normal – 100 lei = 23 EURO

VIP and FanSign tickets holders will have access to Kpop Cover Dance Contest, where will be present NU`EST band and they will give the award to the winning band.
Tickets are available in Romanian post offices, shops Inmedio indicated in Germanos stores and online through logo (E-ticket: virtual ticket sent by email).
Fan sign session will be announced in advance.

The event is offered by KOMPAS EVENTS ROMANIA and Mall4Art Cultural Association.
Event and info details:

Facebook Event



Buy your ticket now: logo




K-POP Cover Contest | NU`EST concert


At this competition can take part bands or artist without restriction of country or nationality with minimum age 14 years old legal.
Registration at the title of the message: “K-POP cover contest + band name / artist”, including a name and phone number to contact each band.
Preferable, every band should have a short description, about the members of the band, also if there is the possibility of a group photo, it will be better. Same thing for the artist.


►Dance bands must to choose a k-pop songs , with minimum 3 songs (collage) but music is required to be 3 to 5 minutes.
►For the artist one song k-pop.
Important: Do not forget to send audio collage on the address and also have it to you in the night of the event for any eventuality, preferably on an external hard drive (stick)
►No band is not allowed to wear shirts with the logo of other bands or other objects that contain logos or names of bands or companies.
►Band/Artist that have members who are in the organizing team of concert and event, are not accepted.
►The bands / artist are allowed to bring items during the dance scene, but do not affect the audience and stage. For more information ask at
►Outfits should be appropriate and not indecent. Also, if there are accessories, they must be secured very well, because they can break or fall during the dance, with the risk of physical injury.
►It is not allowed to use fireworks or dangerous / sharp objects.


►The competition will take place on November 28, 2014 in Bucharest, starting at 20.00. The location will be announced soon.
►The winning contest will be the next day – opening act at NU`EST concert of November 29, 2014


Deadline  November 23rd, 2014.


Do not allow exceptions to these rules, and if not, the organizers can lead to refusal, to enter or exclusion from the competition, band or artist.
For any questions about this competition, please write to us by e-mail




Asia Fest and Tea & Coffee Festival

– To find out more details about the NU’EST concert, come to Asia Fest and Tea & Coffee Festival!-

Kompas Events – the promotor of KPop wave in Romania, comes even closer to the fans of this type of music, they will be present at Asia Fest (10th-14th October) and Tea & Coffee Festival (16th – 19th October)

The Kompas Event Stall at the two events will be the place where you can buy tickets for the NU’EST Concert from 29th November. Also you can find information about the K-POP Cover Contest – the event will take place on the 28th November, and Kompas Events have prepared for you a lot of surprises, too. All the people who buy tickets during the two festivals, will be part of a drawing out having as prize an invitation to the concert.
Asia Fest (10th-14th October) and Tea & Coffee Festival (16th-19th October) will host also K-Pop recital and a karaoke contest which prize is a double invitation at the NU’EST concert. You can join it at the Kompas Events Stall.

NU’EST concert, the most grandest show which would have been held until now in Romania, will take place on the 29th November at Arenele Romane (indoor)

The ticket sales are the following categories:
Fan Sign – 250 lei = 57 EURO (access to a fan sign and K-POP Cover Dance Contest, positioning in front of the stage at the concert)SOLD OUT
VIP – 150 lei = 34 EURO (K-POP Cover Dance Contest, positioning in front of the stage at the concert).
Normal – 100 lei = 23 EURO


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